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Kresley Cole is another Central Floridian who writes vampires. Also werewolves, demons, witches, Valkyries and other “Lore” creatures. The paperbacks in her paranormal romance series, “Immortals After Dark,” are regulars on the best-seller lists — the recently published Demon from the Dark debuted at No. 5 on the New York Times‘ list. An earlier entry, Kiss of a Demon King, won a coveted RITA award from the Romance Writers of America. Her fans love, love, love her.

It’s easy to see why. Her entertaining tales are wicked hot and dead funny. Near the beginning of  Demon from the Dark, a centaur sneers “Dead Wicca walking” as witch Carrow Graie is led down a corridor of cells at the Immortal Internment Compound. She promptly tells “Mr. Ed” where he can get off.  As it turns out, she’s not offed by the mortals who abducted her because her destiny is entwined with that of fiercely handsome Malkom Slaine. A demon warrior bitten by a vampire viceroy, he’s now a dreaded “venom.” He’s captivated by capricious, green-eyed Carrow and wants her as his mate. Little does he know the mercenary witch has been blackmailed into luring him out of his lair in hellish Oblivion.

The two don’t speak the same language, and Malkom’s courtship skills are that of a Neanderthal. Carrow’s attracted by his sculpted torso, although his lank hair and scruffy beard are a “disasterpiece.” Both have sorrows in their past, powers they don’t completely understand. Are they star-crossed, or will love (and lust) win the day?  What do you think?

Carrow often thinks, “What would Ripley do?,” as in heroic Ellen Ripley of Aliens fame. My guess is that in her down time, Ripley reads Kresley Cole.

Open Book: I about half of Cole’s 15 books. I downloaded the e-book version of Demon from the Dark (Simon & Schuster) the day it was published.

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