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I wrote a letter the other day, just a quick note to an old friend in Kansas recovering from a bump on the head. Told her I had had the strangest dream — and she was in it! And she was wearing the cutest red shoes.

I added a few more lines, and then because I didn’t have the Gales’ home address, I e-mailed it to LettersWithCharacter@gmail.com If you want to read it, it’s posted at http://LettersWithCharacter.blogspot.com , along with other readers’ letters to Captain Ahab, Hercule Poirot and Dr. Watson, among others. You’re welcome to send in your letters, too.

Obviously, this “Interactive Literary Environment,” in which real people write letters to fictional characters, is all in good fun. Harper Perennial came up with the campaign to publicize its June release of  What He’s Poised to Do, a collection of linked short stories by Ben Greenman about how letters function in life as well as in fiction.

Before I decided to write Dorothy, I considered penning a letter to Mr. D’Arcy letting him know of my current single status, but that man has more matches than e-harmony, plus he’s married.  Inspector Adam Dalgliesh is only engaged, so I was going to tell him to get a clue that Emma isn’t the right woman for him, but he’s awfully moody. I wondered if Scout Finch needed a new BFF, and if maybe Lassie would come home to my house. But Dorothy hasn’t been well, and besides, maybe she’ll write back and tell me where she got those darling shoes.

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