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Company’s coming, and I’m trying to clean up the stacks. Here are four, oddly assorted books I’m putting in my “going, going, gone” box. It’s time they called somewhere else home:

Angel, city of, (Pocket Pulse), a paperback novelization of the series premiere by Nancy Holder: I remain an ardent Buffy/Angel/Joss Whedon fan, but my loyalty does not extend to books based on teleplays. I don’t know where this came from, but it appears to have never been read. I’ll keep my DVD.

Final Payments (Random House), a book club hardcover edition of Mary Gordon’s fine 1978 debut novel. Gordon has moved on, and so have I.

Henry and Cato (Viking), a used hardcover of Iris Murdoch’s 1976 novel about two boyhood friends whose lives intersect as grown-ups in complex ways. At least that’s what I remember. For those who like Murdoch.

Prayers for Rain (Harper Torch), a beat-up paperback copy of Dennis Lehane’s fifth crime novel in the wonderful Patick Kenzie-Angie Gennaro series. This edition also includes the first chapters of the previous four books, including Gone, Baby, Gone and my favorite, Darkness, Take My Hand. I think this must have been a traveling copy — I always have at least one book in my pocketbook — because of its condition. My pristine hardcover Lehanes remain in my care.

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