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Thrill Ride

It’s Race Week in Daytona; Bike Week coming up next month. I mention this because motorcycles play a crucial role in Rescuing Olivia, a spiffy new thriller from Central Florida writer Julie Compton.

First, someone steals Anders and Olivia’s helmets at a secluded springs in the Ocala National Forest. Then they’re the victims of a hit-and-run on a remote road, and Olivia winds up with head injuries in the ICU. Her nasty Big Pharma dad blames Anders, won’t let him see his beloved and then tells him “Olivia is no longer with us.”

But our intrepid hero doesn’t believe Olivia is dead and sets out to find her, traveling first to Olivia’s childhood home in New England and then to Africa, where she was born. He ferrets out several dangerous secrets as he digs into Olivia’s past and confronts his own, risking his life and that of his best friend. A surprise villain and unexpected betrayals fuel the wild ride. 

Hollywood should take note. Compton’s tale offers appealing characters plus the requisite romance, action and suspense.  

Datebook: Julie Compton will be promoting her book at a number of events in Florida in February including at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Barnes & Noble on E. Colonial in Orlando. See www.julie-compton.com for details.

(Open Book: I received a review copy of Rescuing Olivia (St. Martin’s Press) from the publisher).

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